Monday, September 29, 2008

小老板,大生意-958货仓大甩卖 2008

I am going for a Garage Sales Again! I have not been doing it for quite sometime. But I have alot of USED/NEW Items lying around my house and my wardrobe which I have not been using/touching for quite sometime. And worst still, no place to put more New stuffs. :P


2008年10月5日 (Sunday)
10:00 AM till 8 PM (Or while stocks last)
Downtown East D'Marquee


Items will be starting as low as $1.00 ! Grab it fast before they are all gone.

“各位请注意! 物超所值! 价廉物美! 穿的、用的、戴的; 儿童玩具、日用百货、CD、卡带、书本、车子都将聚集在958货仓大甩卖! 平价! 超值!通货膨胀年代省钱良机!!!......"

携带您的购物袋、您的钱包或老公, 带点水和充饥的饼干以补充体力。因为除了吃的喝的, 我们什么都卖!....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Formula 1 First Night Race in Singapore

Never have I imagined that Singapore will be able to hold such a fantastic event! If anyone would have been there, they will definetely have the same thoughts as me!

We bought the tickets as soon s it launched as my hubby is a sports / fast car lover! :P And of cos through time, I learnt to appreciate it as well. Few years back, we went to Sepang, Malaysia to catch the F1 race. That's my 1st introduction to Formula 1 !!!

This year, we have been following the races on cable and so more or less I learnt about the drivers in the race.

On the 1st Night of the race which is the PRACTICE, we went. There aren't alot of people as we still do not need to Q for most stuff. I personally like the Padang Area which it holds alot of different kinds of food in Spore and the atmosphere and deco there, it just feels like I am in another country. Its indeed a job well done!

On the 2nd day, there are tons of people as compared. We explored other areas this time and see long Qs everywhere and there are alot of people Q-ing for the F1 Merchandise. It is pretty happening and of course there are so many foreigners around too. Everyone seem to be having fun!

On the 3rd day, we stayed home (cos my leg is painful) to catch it live from Channel 5 and Stars Sports. Its really really a cool race! It's so exciting mann! Felipe Massa was leading all the way till the 12 or 13 lap where Nelson Piquet careered into the wall and caused his car to be badly damaged. Then the safety car came out and all cars are not able to over-take or even go to the PIT STOP. Those who do that will suffered penalty.

Then Felipe Massa was in the Pit Stop on Lap 15 when he was given the Green Light and drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car. One of the Pit Crew was carted off. And Massa ended up in his Ferrari at the end of the Pit Lane while the crew ran towards and pulled off the hose. He was given a drive through penalty and joined the race again in 18th place.

With just a Nelson Piquet Accident, it causes the whole situation to change! And this give chances to other racers. It's so exciting. I feel in F1, every second counts and not till the last min, there are still hope and chances. And of course it's about their Strategy too.

Fernando Alonso had a PIT STOP before the Nelson Piquet Accident and it gives him an advantage. And of cos he is also a very skillful driver. Finally Spain's Fernando Alonso won his first night race in a year at the Singapore Grand Prix Sunday. It was the Renault driver's first victory since the Italian Grand Prix last year and it capped a remarkable weekend.
He was top two of the free practice sessions and start 15th on the grid after a mechanical problem in qualifying. And still with his spirit of not giving up, he finally WON !!!

2nd Place is Germany's Nico Rosberg in a Williams and 3rd is Britain's world championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

With that, let's look forward to the next F1 race in Japan 2 weeks later! :)

Look at some pictures taken at the Race!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Something to look forward to....

Almost 3/4 months have past for 2008! Time really really flies!

I began to think back and wonder what I had achieved this yr soon. This year had been a challenging yr for me. I made a decision to change company but still in the same industry. After about 6mths with the new company, I really have made the right choice! I had a real break through this month which I feel happy and accomplished! Well, it don't just stop there. I hoped I can cheong forward more.

I learned to be more focus in whatever I do! Focus till it works and stable and then duplicate it again. I went for quite a no of courses this year too and it had not ended.

So far so good for this year. But I hoped to achieve more too! Last quarter of 2008 got to be more exciting! :P

And of course looking forward for my Japan holiday end of the year! Yeah Yeah! My dreams come true again. :)

All the way and looking forward to 2009 !!! :P

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A short break

Finally! I am going for a short break since my last holiday last year. It seem a long wait though.

To me, its always good to get out of Singapore and have some overseas fresh air and then you feel so much refreshed when you are back.

I am going for an Auto Venture trip to Redang from tommorrow. I read up some info about the place and it looks so beautiful. I remembered many years back when the sammi cheng movie was shot there, I wanted to go but did not really plan for it. Now we are driving our car out for a holiday too! :) Its a different kind of holiday experience we are doing this year.

Counting down to my trip....

Monday, May 26, 2008

After a long long time

I have been missing from writing my blog for many many months! :(
Sometimes I just procastinate what I should do. Are all humans like tat? :P

Just some updates about me and myself.

I have been pretty busy for the past few months. I got myself in a new company but still in the Financial Industry. Really no regrets in making this move although I still give up my one year effort. But no pain no gain! :P

It had been 3months since I embarked on my new career. My work life is so different now. I feel so passionate and professional in what I am doing now! There are so much that I do not know when I am with my old company. Despite my 1 year in this industry prior to this, I feel that my knowledge is so shallow. Well, now I am equipped with so much knowledge that I wish I can just shout and share with everyone I know. And make an impact in their life!

To all my ex-clients out there : I would like to apologized for my departure from my ex-company. But rest assured that I still like this industry and that's why I am still in this industry so that I can continue to service you! :P